SOXX תעודה המשקיעה בחברות במוליכים למחצה / קובי רמות קבילי

52wk high:60.33
52wk low:43.54
Div Rate:0.472724
Market Cap:230.81 M
Volume:205.97 k


  • Thursday 4:34 PM Backing up a recent Jefferies note, Digitimes reports many top phone vendors (nearly everyone besides Apple) have slashed their orders to Taiwanese suppliers, with the cutbacks expected to continue into Q3. Slowing North American smartphone growth and weak Euro phone demand are seen as the culprits. Some component suppliers saw big losses today – RFMD -6.5%SWKS-5.4%TQNT -6.6%QCOM -3.3% – but then again, so did many other chip stocks (SOXX -4.1%).

    [TechOn the Move]

  • Tuesday 11:04 AM TSMC's (TSM) customers, who include many top chip developers, have become cautious about placing Q4 orders due to market uncertainty, Digitimes reports. However, demand for TSMC's 28nm manufacturing process, which has beensupply-constrained due to big orders from NVDAQCOM, and others, remains strong. Jefferies reported yesterday many smartphone OEMs have slashed component orders, while others have indicated PC orders are under pressure.



  • Expense Ratio: 0.48%
  • Average Bid Ask Ratio: 0.05%
  • Tracking Error: 0.11%
  • Concentration Risk: 17.38%
  • Capital Gains Dist. %: 0.00%
  • Number of Securities: 30
  • Dividend Amount: $0.104537
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